Hello harold,
Streichfett is shipping!
streichfett 180Having opened many eyes and ears when being premiered at Musikmesse 2014 in Frankfurt, we are proud to announce availability of Streichfett - successfully reviving the previously extinct species of string synthesizers with a modern-day twist.

More news:

New Blofeld Soundsets:
  • UtopiaSpaceElectronicsSpace Electronics by Inner Dreamer & HG Fortune
    A new Soundset consisting of 128 patches providing fresh inspirations for your creativity!
    With the extended waveset we have also added to several patches "Morphing Between" and "Blending In" of waves via ModWheel or Aftertouch. This gives you powerful means and more expressiveness for amazing sonic motion and wide live sound variations at your fingertips.
  • Utopia by Dr.-Ing. Christian Gritzner
    The sound set " consists of 128 new sounds for the Waldorf Blofeld. It is an audiophile addition to the sound sets “Space Explorer” and “Exo Worlds”.