Eerste ervaring softube console 1 MK2 met uad support met dank aan Sonicrider studio


A digital mixing console with analogue workflow & sound quality.

Last weekend integrated Softube Console1 in the Sonicriderstudio --> This version of Console allows you loading Universal Audio plugins.

Note: using UAD plug-ins applies only to "gate", "EQ" & "compressor" within the Console 1 signal flow.

A short comment on setting things up & the first mix experience:

1) Download & installation:
- Simple process supported by a step by step guide.
- Something that isn't written anywhere: you need to have an iLok account (or one will be created).
- In the end it takes around 30 minutes before "ready to roll".

2) Using Console 1 hardware:
- There are some fine videos that cover the basic operation (…).
- After 15 minutes I was working like I used Console 1 a long time.
- Hardware feels solid, knobs work fine - the speed of turning the knob(s) determines the amount of change.

3) Using the software:
- Console 1 comes with a SSL (Solid State Logic) SL 4000E emulation that sounds amazing.
- After adding the "Console 1 plugin" on all tracks the workflow of mixing can be done with the Console 1 hardware only...
- Some nice features (window settings/track selection/solo/etc) gives you the feeling of using a large analogue mixing console.
- Console 1 is CPU friendly.

4) Using UAD plug ins:
- You can change the "gate", "EQ" & "compressor" part of the workflow into a UAD plugin (done with the Console hardware).
- Combining the best set up for each track (and save it as a preset).

5) Good to know:
- During installation you need an iLok account (or one is created by Softtube for you).
- You have to install the plugin to all channels (including buses/groups, FX & master); that way you can solo/mute in the most effective way (with a "save solo" option you can prevent soloing a group bus while soloing one of the tracks using that group for the audio stream).
- After installation easy to use.
- The SSL (Solid State Logic) SL 4000E emulation has to be "your kind of sound".... Since the emulation uses the "black knob EQ" all styles of music can by mixed on Console 1.
- Next tot the 4 bands EQ there is a low & high cut filter: creating an unique sound is just a matter of listening, adjusting and saving (the preset).

6) Console & DAW:
- I'm a Ableton user & setting up is easy.
- Console 1 can sole/mute tracks (or group of tracks).
- Using a plugin for the first time an activation process starts.

- A hardware sound & workflow.
- Digital environment using presets.
- Less clicking, opening plugins.
- Best of both worlds.

?? Any questions on using Console 1: check the detailed user guide.... Cannot find it, reply on this message.

Wonna thank I4-muzique for the fast delivery & ongoing service!

Cheers, Jurgen Winkel / SONICrider